An Apology To You, Dear Reader


Hey y’all! First of all, I have to say that I am deeply sorry for being AWAL on y’all for the past months. I had a lot going on (namely exams) and honestly didn’t have enough time to blog. But most of all, I went through this period where I thought that having a makeup blog was useless because A) there are a gazillion makeup blogs, B) I am neither rich nor famous and therefore cannot afford to do large hauls or lots of product reviews, and C) I am only an 18 (now 19) year-old who probably won’t get anywhere in this business. This sad realization kicked in after I spent $100+ at Sephora. I suddenly couldn’t justify spending $50 on a foundation.

But after doing some thinking, it dawned upon me: this blog isn’t titled “Makeup Blog”; it is titled “Tidbits”, which basically means that I can blog about anything and everything on here. I already have a post about fitness, and I plan to do a couple more (I’m on a fitness frenzy now!). I can share some of my favorite recipes with y’all or write about my never ending love for food. To sum it all up, I can talk about anything I want and whatever y’all want to hear. Want to read a post about my latest obsession with “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood”? It should be up soon.

So, dear reader, this is not only an apology, it is also a promise. I can’t tell you that I’ll post every other day or every week, but I can definitely say that I won’t take a 5 month long hiatus. The majority of my posts may be beauty-related or just me ranting about what it’s like to be a teenager in this century (seriously, it’s hard!). I just hope someone will read it!!


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