Current Obsession: Perigee 7 Minute Workout App


I have a confession to make. My New Year’s Resolutions to work out don’t start kicking in until, say, April. But after years and years of trying to get fit with different workout programs (P90X and Insanity), workout videos (Jillian Michaels, Tone It Up and Blogilates), I have discovered my new obsession: the seven minute workout. 


Now, there are PLENTY of apps that promise an intense, but rewarding, seven minute workout (Johnson & Johnson has a pretty cool one), but what makes this app cooler is that it actually rewards you for working out. The rewards start off small as each achievement is reached. Some achievements include finishing your first workout, working out 7 days in a row, and working out every day for a month. The “rewards”, or new workouts, are unlocked every second month you stay in the challenge. The first workout you have is a full body workout, so having the option of doing a core, cardio, stretch or fat burn workout is great. 


Another unique thing about the Perigee app is that you can choose your instructor. You can either have Alli Simpson (an Australian and my personal favorite), a drill sergeant, a kung-fu master, cheerleader (great for motivation) or a hippie. These instructors push you through your workouts and keep you motivated. They actually have some true things to say. 


The first time I did the workout (2 circuits which equals about 16 minutes), I didn’t even notice the time. The second day, however, I was itching to finish both rounds. You can also choose how many rounds to do in a day, which means that you no longer have an excuse, because I’m sure y’all have 7 minutes to spare. 


The design is pretty and simple to use. Plus you can have your favorite songs playing in the background. I’ve included some pictures down below. Hope you give it a try and reach your fitness goals!